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For anyone who wants the biggest screen possible as part of their home theater system, a home theater projector is the way to go. A video projector can project a 10 foot diagonal image onto a projector screen. See home theater screensThese are best for home theater enthusiasts who are building a dedicated home theater room. You need a large room with good control over ambient lighting, just like the lights out in your local movie theater.

The days of having to use a bulky, high maintenance CRT projector are behind us. And prices on cheap home theater projectors today start at about $1000, although you can easily spend $3,000 to $10,000 for high performance models.

If you are looking for a DVD progressive scan definition, basically it boils down to this. Progressive scan technology sends out a 480p resolution video signal from the DVD player through a set of 3 video cables called component video cables, into a component video input on your television. Without getting too techie, 480p stands for 480 lines of vertical resolution scanned onto your television screen progressively, or “in order” instead of 480i, which stands for 480 lines scanned onto your screen in back-and-forth every-other line flicker formation. 480p is sometimes referred to as enhanced definition television, or EDTV.

Progressive scan DVD players with 5.1 outputs are a must if you’ve got a receiver that lacks digital inputs but DOES have a 6 channel input on the back. This means that your home theater will be actually using the surround sound processor that is built into the DVD player. You will need to connect 6 audio cables from the 5.1 channel output on the back of your DVD player to the corresponding 5.1 input jacks on the back of the receiver. Then, just choose the 5.1 channel input selector on your receiver to hear 6 channel surround sound.

Not as fun, that’s for sure…actually, non existent.A complete home theater system needs a screen to view movies and television programs on. In general, the minimum size screen that is considered okay for home theater use is 30 inches. The screen size on big screen TVs is measured from one corner of the screen to the diagonally opposite corner. For example, the Sony KV40XBR800 40 inch TV is the biggest tube television you can buy. You would want to be sitting at least 8 feet back from this huge set.