DVD Purchase Clubs

If you want to build a collection of DVD movies, your best bet is to join a DVD buying club.DVD buying clubs If you compare DVD clubs to buy DVDs/movies online before you join, you will see that movie clubs come in all shapes and sizes.

The best DVD movie club we’ve found is the independent film club from Film Movement. This unique indie film club offers award winning films before they are released in any theaters! Get exclusive films on DVD at FilmMovement.com.

DVD Purchase Clubs

Independent Film Club from Film Movement

Columbia House DVD club Columbia’s DVD club offers 5 DVDs for 49 cents each when you join as a member of their dvd club. Columbia is by far the most popular of the “buy movie clubs”

Disney’s DVD club is great if you’ve got younger kids…or maybe you still feel like one yourself! Join the Disney Movie Club and get 3 FREE MOVIES!

Hey everyone, just so you know…..there is currently no such thing as a BMG DVD club. If and when BMG decides to launch the BMG movie club, we will let you know right here!

DVD rental clubs

As you are probably already aware, you can rent movies from home. There are several movie rental clubs that allow you to rent DVDs online. Imagine never having to leave home to rent dvd movies again!

DVD rental club comparisons

With over 15,000 titles, Netflix has thousands of good movies to rent. With almost 1.5 million subscribers, they are the world’s largest online movie rental service. For just $19.95 a month, Netflix subscribers can rent as many DVDs as they want, with 3 movies out at a time, and keep them for as long as they like. There are no due dates and no late fees.

DVD Purchase Clubs

DVDs are delivered directly to your address by first-class mail from shipping centers throughout the United States. Netflix reaches more than 80 percent of its subscribers with generally next-day delivery. Rent DVDs on line from Netflix – Try it for FREE!

If you live on the East Coast, DVD Avenue ships from Maryland. Believe it or not, there is now even a Walmart DVD rental club online.

where to rent movies for children

If you’ve got kids that you want to shelter from all the “trashy parts” of today’s blockbuster movies, you should consider renting edited movies on DVD from CleanFilms.com. An edited DVD has none of the profanity, offensive language, nudity, sexual situations, and extreme or gory violence. An edited movie from Clean Films is comparable to a PG rating, which often means that we will edit out content that the networks might leave in when they show the same movie on TV. Take advantage of their free trial offer on the edited film club.

If you are looking for home school dvd programs, you might want to check out educational DVD rentals from Mentura. Because they’ve got over 12,000 educational DVDs, we feel they are the best place to find educational dvds to rent online. They even offer a free 30-day trail!