Front Projectors For Full Size Fun

We recommend a widescreen television if you will mostly be viewing DVD movies from a progressive scan DVD player and true HDTV programming AND you can afford the difference in price. Start paying attention when you buy DVDs that they are done in the 16×9 wide screen format.

The ultimate home theater experience can be achieved with a front projector. You can achieve a picture 10 feet or more in size onto a projection screen this way. They’ve even got motorized projection screens that will lower from your ceiling at the touch of a button!

A LARGE room with no windows is the best for projectors so your movies don’t appear washed out when you view them. (That is why your local movie theater has no windows and no lights on while you watch the movie.) The most common projector technologies used today are DLP and LCD.

Front Projectors For Full Size Fun

Rear Projection Televisions

The most bang for your buck today is a rear projection TV. However, these will also take up the most room in your home. The best rear projection TVs are DLP models which not only have a better picture, they are much lighter in weight and not as deep. We recommend that you consider a Samsung DLP TV. These LIGHT WEIGHT projection televisions today will even allow you to use your big screen TV as a BIG SCREEN monitor for your computer.

The Samsung 61″ DLP TV weighs just about 100 pounds!

Flat Panel Plasma and LCD TVs

Not everyone realizes that NOT all wide screen TVs are HDTVs! The appeal to these is how sleek and modern they look and that you can actually hang a flat plasma TV or flat LCD screen directly on the wall! (The spouse factor?!?) Check out the great selection of flat screen TVs at They’ve even got FREE SHIPPING and you pay NO SALES TAX in any state!

Front Projectors For Full Size Fun

Direct View Tube TV Sets

These are the color tube televisions that we’ve all owned through the years. We really like some of the HDTV-ready widescreen models we’ve seen from Sony.