Home Theater Projectors

For anyone who wants the biggest screen possible as part of their home theater system, a home theater projector is the way to go. A video projector can project a 10 foot diagonal image onto a projector screen. See home theater screensThese are best for home theater enthusiasts who are building a dedicated home theater room. You need a large room with good control over ambient lighting, just like the lights out in your local movie theater.

The days of having to use a bulky, high maintenance CRT projector are behind us. And prices on cheap home theater projectors today start at about $1000, although you can easily spend $3,000 to $10,000 for high performance models.

Home Theater Projectors

LCD projectors are generally the lowest price models, but we prefer the picture on DLP projectors…

A projector DOES NOT have a built-in TV tuner, so you will get your programming from an HDTV receiver or a progressive scan DVD player.

You can even set up your system so that your home theater projection screen will lower from the ceiling at the push of a button. Some people opt for a wall-mounted screen instead.

Perhaps the best advice we can offer if you want to buy a home theater projector and are unsure of how to best install and set it up in your home theater room, consult a professional at your local A/V retail store.The VPLHS20 brings exciting new features to home cinema.

Things like an HDMI-HDTV Interface, a 12-Bit Panel Drive with new I/P Converter, and a Micro Lens Array and WV Film take high definition to its extreme.