Progressive Scan DVD Player or DVD Recorder?

Progressive Scan DVD Players

Choose your DVD player carefully. Besides playing DVD movies, your DVD player will also likely be how you listen to music CDs. Most progressive scan DVD CD player models today will also play DVD-R/RW discs, CD-R/RW, video CDs, MP3 CD’s, etc. DVD changers today can store anywhere from 5 discs to HUNDREDs of discs, both DVDs and CDs.. (A great way to build up a large collection of good DVDs or to rent DVD movies online is to join a DVD club.)

Many of the complete “home theater systems in a box” featured on this site under the various brands include a progressive scan DVD player or changer, either integrated into the DVD receiver unit or as a separate matching component.

Progressive Scan DVD Player or DVD Recorder

Panasonic 600 watt progressive scan dvd home theater

What is progressive scan DVD?

So, is progressive scan better? Progressive scan DVD capability is a MUST if you plan on connecting your DVD player to HDTV, but not necessary if you will be connecting it to an analog, non-digital television.

If you are looking for a DVD progressive scan definition, basically it boils down to this. Progressive scan technology sends out a 480p resolution video signal from the DVD player through a set of 3 video cables called component video cables, into a component video input on your television. Without getting too techie, 480p stands for 480 lines of vertical resolution scanned onto your television screen progressively, or “in order” instead of 480i, which stands for 480 lines scanned onto your screen in back-and-forth every-other line flicker formation. 480p is sometimes referred to as enhanced definition television, or EDTV.

Progressive scan DVD players with 5.1 outputs are a must if you’ve got a receiver that lacks digital inputs but DOES have a 6 channel input on the back. This means that your home theater will be actually using the surround sound processor that is built into the DVD player. You will need to connect 6 audio cables from the 5.1 channel output on the back of your DVD player to the corresponding 5.1 input jacks on the back of the receiver. Then, just choose the 5.1 channel input selector on your receiver to hear 6 channel surround sound

Progressive Scan DVD Player or DVD Recorder

This is also how to connect a DVD player with Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) or DVD-Audio disc playback capability. SACD and DVD Audio are the latest multi-channel music formats. The Onkyo DVSP800 below…

Onkyo DV-SP800

This DVD player offers both DVD-Audio and SACD compatibility, greatly expanding your options for enjoying the purist musical experiences available today. Especially since it also meets the rigid standards for THX Ultra certification.

What is the best progressive scan DVD player? How about the best progressive scan DVD changer? Before you buy a progressive DVD player, we suggest you read the progressive scan DVD player reviews at both Vann’s and Circuit City. They’ve both got a wide selection of the best progressive scan dvd players and changers, some at sale prices.

Looking for cheap dvd players? Sony’s progressive scan DVD player DVP-NS425P might be the best progressive scan dvd player you can buy under $100.

Sony DVP-CX875 300 +1 Disc Progressive Scan DVD/CD
Sony DVP-CX875 300 +1 Disc
Progressive Scan DVD/CD Changer

Progressive Scan DVD Recorders

Some DVD players with progressive scan can also function as a DVD recorder, which means you can “burn” your own DVDs. To prevent unauthorized copying of DVD discs, most DVD recorder models you can buy today WILL NOT record 6 channel sound. That is why you won’t see digital INPUTS on the back of DVD recorders. The movie industry feels that copy protection will prevent unauthorized duplication of DVDs. Check out the wide selection of progressive scan dvd recorders at Vann’s.

Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Combo

GoVideo DV2130

Two home theater in a box systems with a built-in progressive scan DVD VCR combination include the Sony HT-V600DP and Panasonic SC-HT810V. Both are priced under $400 with FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX in any state from Vann’s.

Receiver DVD Player

Check out the JVC RX-DV31SL DVD receiver. An integrated progressive scan DVD player provides unsurpassed convenience and outstanding entertainment possibilities.

The superior audio resolution of JVC’s RX-DV31SL 5.1 DVD receiver was designed to take advantage of DVD Audio and the amplifier puts out 100 watts x 5. Just add a 5.1 home theater speaker system to complete your surround sound system (connected with Monster Cables, of course!)